After having filtered through an art book from The Creative Assembly, SEGA today officially announced the new iteration of the Total War series, this time set in the fantasy universe of Warhammer. With a unique combination of colossal real-time battles and turn-based campaign evidence on which decisions have required state, take the political reins and create empires, Total War ™: WARHAMMER offers hundreds of hours of exciting game.

Total War: WARHAMMER Officially announced – Trailer


And what’s better: with this title will accompany two separate deliveries and additional content packs to bring you the biggest Total War game ever created. An epic trilogy that will redefine the genre of the strategy game fantasy genre.

Total War ™: WARHAMMER fully immerses you in a world of legendary heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures, storms magical powers and whole regiments of soldier’s nightmare.

The rules have changed … The war is all that remains.

“It’s a time of endless conquests, a time in which thousands of warriors waging titanic battles between races, each led by a formidable hero to the goal of world domination.

They await your orders.

The courageous Karl Franz , commanding the forces of the Empire, seeks to unite the divided Elector Counts under one banner and to confront their common enemies.

Eager to feel the ferocious brutality of combat, Greenskin mass bind the tribe of Grimgor Ironhide . Orcs and Goblins have something in common: an uncontrollable lust for blood and carnage.

The High King Thorgrim ordered his stoic dwarves leave their strongholds in the mountains to avenge the terrible injustices endured for millennia.

The motivations of the Vampire and its leader, Mannfred von Carstein, still wrapped in a dark obscurantism and rot from the dead, his armies are raised.

And, while the Old World is torn with betrayals, wars and the rise of immeasurable power, the winds blowing from the north whisper a terrible threat. The fabric of reality itself begins to twist and tear…

Video Trailer here.

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