Creative Assembly and SEGA brought the respective gameplay trailer for E3 2018 of their next great strategy game of the award-winning Total War series, Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The year is 190 CE. China is in chaos.

The Han dynasty crumbles before the child emperor. He is nothing more than a figurehead; a simple puppet in the hands of Dong Zhuo, the tyrant lord of war. It is a brutal and oppressive regime, and as the power of Dong Zhuo increases, the empire becomes even more anarchy.

But there is still hope.

The crucible is about to explode and there is only one certainty: the future of China will be traced by its champions.

Total War: Three Kingdoms transports us to the year 209 of our era. The mighty Chinese empire of the Han Dynasty collapses after 400 years, leaving behind three powerful factions of warring rulers to fight for control of the powerful and wealthy country. The kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu will fight in the struggle for control of the nation and glory on the battlefield.

At the moment we only have a trailer that nevertheless lets us glimpse some clues. It seems that in this case Sega and The Creative Assembly will focus more on the historical novel by Lou Guanzhong known as “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” than in the documented academic history. This decision will allow TCA to include some more eclectic features to the new game, such as heroic units.

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