Creative Assembly presents a new promotional video for Total War: Attila. In this new video of Gameplay (in collaboration with the popular YouTuber Total War Lionheart) shows the characteristics of the features that will be present in the first DLC: Viking Forefathers Culture Pack.

This first pack of cultures to Attila Total War will allow us to get command of three new factions: the Danes, the Geats and the Jutes. These three northern factions allow us to access unique land improvements and new naval units and missions. Campaign objectives will focus around launch attacks on the warm southern lands to enrich their coffers and increase their conquests.

From the below gameplay, we can see how Lionheart start a game in the north with the Jutes and leads in a great war against the Anglo south. And for the first time we can see some moments of a night battle in Total War: Attila. Exciting!

The DLC Viking Forefathers Culture Pack will be available for free to anyone who Pre-Order Total War: Attila before launch 17 of next month.


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