Without glasses 3D displays are not very much new, however, without glasses 3D displays that possesses 4k ultra high definition (4k UHD) are still under advancement. Toshiba, which is acquainted with without glasses 3D TV, has proclaimed that it has a 4k UHD 3D screen that will blow your mind. Toshiba hinted towards mobile screens may get this new tech.

Toshiba New 3D Innovation Will Let Mobile Users To Switch Between 2D And 3D:

Toshiba’s most recent 3D innovation deters the requirement for bulky glasses and uses a “low-crosstalk, high-definition LCD GRIN lens with a 15″ 4k LCD board.” as such, the presentation will have higher-definition 3D pictures with less of the double-vision issues that torments nearly majority of 3D screens. The organization includes that this mobile display can switch between 4k UHD 2D and high-determination 3D mode without decreasing the picture brilliance in 3D mode or declining the picture quality in 2D mode.

“The lens system reduces the abnormal alignment of liquid crystal molecules near the boundaries of liquid crystal lens, reducing crosstalk to 2 percent, against 5 percent in conventional 3D displays,” as per Toshiba’s Press release. The result is a 3D Resolution that is 3840×2160 pixels, which implies top notch 3D pictures can be seen on the same screen used for ultra high-definition 2D pictures.

Toshiba notes that their this 3D display will be fused with a halfway 2D/3D changing capacity to be connected to any screen size and position. This is particularly vital for mobile devices. “Where there is a high demand for a product that allows users to easily switch between high-quality 3D and ultrahigh- definition 2D without any need for an additional display,” as per Toshiba.

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