The major international Conference of Toshiba Corporation was held in September 29 at its headquarters in Tokyo. At the meeting management talked about his business and the semiconductor storage systems. During the event, Yasuo Naruke, Senior Managing Executive Officer and President of Semiconductor & Storage Company of TOSHIBA CORPORATION spoke about the company’s strategy in the field of storage.

At a meeting Yasuo Naruke said that Toshiba is going to strengthen its position in the SSD market, primarily in data centers. He noted that last year the corporate market SSDs rapidly split into two segments. One of them includes a low-speed, high-capacity drives that are used only for data storage, and the other designs for high-speed solid-state drives.

Also, this point is worth mentioning here, Toshiba reported that by 2025 SSD-drives will be cheaper than hard drives of the second tier (Nearline HDD).

As noted by Yasuo Naruke, today’s high-speed solid-state drives are almost equal to its price per 1 bit of information stored if we talk about the high-hard drives (2.5 inch), which is 15000RPM (Revolutions per minute).

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