Are you a newcomer to Splitgate and looking for some amazing tips to kill and outsmart your opponents? If your answer is “yes,” then my friend, you are at the right place.

Let’s first know what Splitgate exactly is: Splitgate is a multiplayer online shooter that resembles a mix of Halo and Portal. It allows you to compete against gamers from all over the world in fast-paced, fluid movement and shooting games. The principle of Splitgate is easy.

The surprise is that, in addition to having a regular arsenal of sci-fi weapons, players may also create portals that immediately transport them across the battlefield. This allows up a plethora of opportunities for ambushes and counterattacks and allows for significantly speedier traversal than in similar games.

It is a simple game to pick up and play, but mastering its movement, fighting, and portal-based action takes a lot of patience and experience.

Use the below tips to kill and outsmart your opponents; that’s where the game’s true beauty lies.

Keep an eye on your crosshairs

When you hover over an adversary, your crosshair will turn a different color, regardless of the crosshair type (which you may alter under Splitgates UI options for each weapon). This is true even while viewing through an opaque enemy portal. This provides a counterpoint to the initial point: if your crosshair changes color while hovering over a portal, an enemy is nearby, and if you shoot right away, you’ll strike them.

Navigate through portals

Your portals are transparent to you, but adversaries can’t see through them. This means that an enemy may not always be aware that you are standing on the other side of a portal. Use this to your advantage by blasting through your portal instead of traveling through it before fighting. Of course, more experienced players will learn to cope with adjacent enemy portals because they know that an adversary lurks nearby.

To avoid hostile portal placements, use portals

You cannot build a portal where another player has previously built one. Instead, you must either kill the player, wait for them to portal somewhere else, or destroy the portal with an EMP Grenade. However, even the most practical option, the EMP, isn’t always viable. A robust method is to use your portals to block up a wall where an enemy would wish for the portal, stopping them from doing so. It’s a fantastic defensive strategy that every Splitgate player should be aware of.

To navigate the map, use portals

You can blast a portal at any blue wall, ceiling, or floor in Splitgate. Most players are aware of this, but most new players do not take full advantage of it, preferring to trudge their way to their destination rather than portraying instantly. It’s not only speedier, but it’s also much more difficult for foes to monitor your movements, giving you a significant edge. If you find yourself jogging a lot, you should focus on using portals to navigate the map.

In combat, it’s crucial to switch weapons rapidly

Because the animations for lowering and raising your weapons are so swift in Splitgate, you can switch weapons very quickly. As a result, it’s generally preferable to fire once with a punchy weapon like a Carbine before switching to your Assault Rifle to continue blasting. It’s especially effective in the Team Shotty Snipers game mode (in which each player has a Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun), as demonstrated in the brief video below. Shoot for 65+ damage with a Sniper Rifle, then swap to a Shotgun to finish them out. This is far more efficient than waiting for any of these slow-firing guns to reload.

Take notes from your teammates

Splitgate offers one of the most comprehensive replay systems of any game I’ve ever played, and it’s straightforward to store and re-watch replays from any player’s perspective. It helps determine whether players are cheating, but it’s even more helpful in learning from others and improving yourself. Save the replay of an outstanding player in your game and see what they do.

Hopefully, these Splitgate hacks have provided you with the ammunition you require to begin improving your game and outplaying your opponents.

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