As technology has advanced, online chatting tools, social media and many other communicative tools have transformed the way we interact. WhatsApp is an online messaging application that has definitely taken over our communication.

People are always glued to WhatsApp. They are sending and receiving messages, emoticons, gifs, videos and what not through WhatsApp. This might seem like a safe communicative tool to many, but WhatsApp is also home to all kinds of people.

There are ways of knowing that the addiction of WhatsApp is becoming intense for your loved ones. If their WhatsApp is password protected, they are perennially getting WhatsApp pings or are aggressive about anyone touching their WhatsApp, you must seek a solution.

One efficient way to check on your loved one’s WhatsApp conduct is a phone spy without target phone. You don’t need the phone to check on their WhatsApp. All you need is a web-based spy application.

WhatsApp addiction is a growing issue and a lot of spy apps have come forward by virtue of their demand. The interface and spying solution provided on ClickFree are way superior than other spy apps. Still, there are many apps that give it good competition.

6 Definitive Ways to Spy WhatsApp Messages

The increased use of WhatsApp by all ages has necessitated an influx of spy apps allowing access to WhatsApp messages. The below mentioned apps not only allow access into someone’s WhatsApp messages, but also the calls, location and complete spying package:


ClickFree has a patronage of over a million users in 190+ countries. Its customer base only proliferates everyday. Being a web-based app, ClickFree offer an access to someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely.

By virtue of its ease of use and perfect interface, big time critics like Forbes, Engadget, Mac World, The Next Web, and Wired have been all praises about ClickFree. When it comes to Spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages, ClickFree can do much more than seeing someone’s messages.

  • Keylogger

What if you could not just see someone’s WhatsApp messages but also see the deleted WhatsApp messages? What if you could see someone’s WhatsApp messages that were typed and not sent? Sounds unbelievable right! ClickFree can allow you to access that.

ClickFree has a bespoke Keylogger feature that takes spying to just another level. It gives you a first hand view of what someone has been intending. If someone is hiding or deleting the message, the intention of keeping the exchange of message a secret is very clear.

Keylogger is a perfect feature to read someone’s mind in addition to their phone. It gives an insight into the intentions of the person. This is the kind of holistic spying that can transform the spyware industry.

  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking

You do not have to worry about rooting or jailbreaking through the target device. You might have zero access to someone’s phone and still be viewing their WhatsApp messages. If the target device is an iPhone, the person might be in another continent and you would still see their WhatsApp messages.

ClickFree does not necessitate any extra ordinary requirements. It keeps the information sought at the very minimum. Even with the most basic information of your email ID, you can get started with ClickFree.

  • Time Saving

One would feel like spying into someone’s WhatsApp messages would be a time consuming event, but it is done in a jiffy on ClickFree. The entire process starting from registration under ClickFree and ending from spying on WhatsApp only takes a few minutes.

Yes, it is so time saving, it seems unrealistic. As it allows remote access, the app makes the job further more easily. With lesser hassles about breaking into someone’s target device, ClickFree  is a wonderful option.

In addition to WhatsApp messages, you can track someone’s GPS location, call list, notes, emails, social media and every thing they did on their phone. ClickFree is so prompt and efficient that even when it is your first time with the app, you will feel like you’ve been using it all your life.  


Spyic is a renowned web-based spy app. It has all core spy app features that can assist in gaining first hand view of someone’s WhatsApp messages. From call list to the app library, Spyic has plans with defined rights.

It is known for a superb stealth mode and ease of operation. Even first time spy app users can be completely at ease with Spyic. By virtue of its good services, Spyic has managed to gain a lot of patronage.


Spyier is a popular spyware brand. It is a good spying alternative and renowned in the field. With a great client base, it offers almost all major spying features. The interface is effortless and easy to use. 

Despite being a global name, it is comparatively easy to use. The stealth mode of Spyier is also very good and one does not have to worry about any information or identity leakage.


Minspy is a great spying alternative. From a friendly user interface, basic and premium plans, to spying on all fronts, it is a one stop spying shop. The web-based app is very user friendly and you don’t need to be a tech expert to be able to use Minspy.

Minspy has a lot of core spying features like the leading spy apps in the industry. Despite being comparatively new, this app has attained a good enough client base and patronage.


Spyine is a popular spy app that allows WhatsApp hacking features. It also has good functionalities like keylogger where any drafts or deleted WhatsApp messages can also be viewed.

Spyine offers holistic spying solutions and has a large customer base. It also has a brilliant stealth mode that ensures that the spying is immensely secretive.


Neatspy is also a preferred spy app for spying on WhatsApp messages. It offers a real time view into the WhatsApp conduct, media sharing and exchanges done on WhatsApp. Further, it allows all this and more without raising any suspicion about it.


WhatsApp can become a root cause for cheating, misconceptions, inappropriate groups and strike your loved ones on their vulnerabilities. It is better to be sure of their conduct than just assume that nothing wrong is going on.

On ClickFree and other spy apps, you get a phone spy without a target phone. You can spy on the WhatsApp messages and be aware if anything worrisome is going on. Never underestimate the influence of a chatting tool on your loved ones.


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