Husbands have been looking for ways to spy on their wives. However, the neighbor does not give you all the information you need. While she is at work, it means she will be away until she gets home.

Spying on your wife starts with the suspicion that she may be cheating or hiding something. In 2020, you don’t need to take your worries to a third-party. They may or may not help you, but your secrets are all over now.

You need to make sure your business stays within the family circle. That is why we have the top five definitive ways to spy my wife in 2020. As infidelity takes another level, technology is taking over to catch up.

Part 1: Spy My Wife with Minspy Solution

We all have phones now. That is a good thing because Minspy is an application that can spy on your wife’s phone. She will never know about it since it has the best practices when it comes to spying.

It uses stealth mode to hide after the setup. Your wife will never see it on the phone’s wizard display. It will be working in the background fetching all the relevant information. If you want to view the results, you need an online account on Minspy’s website.

That way, the app can be working on her phone as you get her activities remotely. You can deploy it on her Android or iOS phone without any rooting or jailbreaking. If she has an Android, just install Minspy once on her phone and activate the stealth.

For iOS, you don’t need the download or installation. Minspy will use her iCloud ID to spy on the phone’s data. After the setup, on both platforms, you can now login to your online account. There, you get all manner of activities.

Minspy reveals all the calls, contacts, messages, location, social media information, and more. We cannot exhaust 30 features here, so you need to visit the main website to see them all. The data is presented on a user-friendly dashboard that works with all browsers.

That means you only need an internet connection to view the updates. Since you can spy my wife without her knowing using Minspy, there is no need to involve anyone else. Due to the discretion, this app has received millions of downloads in more than 190 countries.

So, you can join the wagon by setting it up on your wife’s phone. It will only take five minutes of your time. Now that you are spying on your wife’s phone, you may be concerned with data security.

Minspy syncs the information you see in your online account, but it does not store it. So, any hacking activities will meet your space vacant if you are not in your account. Here are some quick steps on how to start spying on your wife’s phone using the Minspy application.

How to Start Spying on My Wife Using Minspy

Step 1: For Android, make sure it has OS version 4.0 and above. Get the phone to install Minspy once. In iOS, it works with version 7.0 or later. Get the iCloud login details of her iPhone.

Step 2: Sign up for an account on Minspy’s website and then select your wife’s phone OS. Next, pay for a plan that suits your spying objectives and wait for the confirmation email.

Step 3: When the email arrives, it will have all the details confirming the purchase. In Android, it will also have a download link.

Step 4: For Android, use the link in your email to install Minspy on her phone. Activate the stealth mode and then finish up the installation before accessing your account remotely.

Step 5: For iOS, after the email, login to your account and input her iCloud credentials. After that, select the device she is using and wait for the synchronization.

Step 6: Once you get back to your account, you will see the control panel with the phone’s summary. What you need are the features on the left menu.

Step 7: to start spying on your wife, click on each of the elements on the menu to see what Minspy found out.

Part 2: Spy My Wife with Spyier Solution

Another definitive way to spy on your wife includes using Spyier on her phone. It will spy on both Android and iOS devices without rooting or jailbreaking them. It also has the stealth mode feature to hide since you don’t need your wife to know.

Before accessing her phone activities online, you need to setup Spyier in the way she won’t detect it. In Android, you are required to install it once and activate the stealth specification. For iOS, you can use her iCloud login details on Spyier’s website after registration.

Later, all the calls, SMSs, browsing history, photos, and videos will be in your account. You can use any internet-enabled device to access them since the control panel is fully compatible with all browsers. Spyier works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later.

Part 3: Spy My Wife with Spyine Solution

You can also use Spyine to check on your wife’s phone activities secretly. It will get you everything you need to know from who she called to what she posted on Instagram. You only need to install it once on her Android or use her iPhone’s iCloud ID on Spyine’s website.


There is no need for rooting or jailbreaking the phone. The results can be accessed via your online account. So long as you have an internet connection, there will be no trouble seeing your wife’s phone activities remotely.

Part 4: Spy Wife with Spyic

This is a monitoring application that has also won global recognition through millions of downloads. So, using Spyic on your wife will not be a problem at all since others have already verified it.

It’s applicable on both Android and iOS without any rooting or jailbreaking techniques. In Android, you can install Spyic once on your wife’s phone and activate stealth mode. If she uses an iPhone, then the iCloud ID is enough to spy on her phone.

It captures crucial phone activities like calls, messages, SIM Card details, location, and more. The updated information is always accessible online using any internet-enabled device.

Part 5: Spy Wife with Cocospy

The last way to spy on your wife involves the use of Neatspy. It’s another application that will get you all her phone activities without rooting or jailbreaking. Therefore both Android and iPhone data can be accessed without compromising the phone.

Androids need a one-time installation while the iOS can be spied on using the iCloud credentials. Once the setup is complete, you will see all the vital details by logging into your Neatspy account online.

The information will include the contacts, browsing history, installed apps, and keylogger reports. The dashboard in your account also works with all browsers.


Gentlemen, you now have five definitive ways to spy on your wife in 2020. Since following her is a problem, amicable apps like Minspy and the rest can do the job for you. All they require is to read the instructions and do what they say.

With that, it’s time to start spying on your wife. The fun part is that you are the one who will tell her about it. Our five recommendations will never show.