If you are looking to find the best dungeons in Classic WoW, then check out this list of areas that stand out from the rest. 

World of Warcraft has been a longstanding servant of the MMORPG genre, and it still manages to attract new players and keep veterans coming back for more. The WoW Classic rendition of the franchise is something that came as great news to fans, and it brings about everything we know and love about the title. When searching the deepest dungeons for WoW Classic Gold and glory, there are a few that stand out from others. With that in mind, here are the top 10 dungeons from WoW Classic. 

Lower Blackrock Spire

This dungeon is a good start for the list, mainly because of the variety that it offers. In the Lower Blackrock Spire you will see several levels that have a range of enemies and bosses for you to face. Its variety isn’t its only strong point either, as this dungeon is renowned for having an intricate layout that will be tasking to navigate. 

By completing this dungeon, you were awarded plentiful experience, not only literally but also on how to play through dungeons in general. There was also some blue raid gear for you to get your hands on too. 

Dire Maul

Dire maul

Another maze-like dungeon is Dire Maul, which offered up a fair amount of challenge, but with worthy rewards to go with it. If you wanted to take the next step into higher level content, then this was the place for you to do it. 

The style of Dire Maul lay down the foundations for the dungeons that followed, and has definitely earned its place as a classic area for players to attempt to explore when making that transition.

Wailing Caverns

Ah, Wailing Caverns. This is a rather infamous dungeon that even though it ruined more friendships than a game of Monopoly. But in that instance it also makes it a lot more memorable compared to other dungeons that you will come across during your time in Classic WoW. 

With the variety of mobs that are coming at you, hard to beat bosses, and the gear that was within, it made Wailing Caverns a standout choice, and easily deserves a place on this list. 

Razorfen Downs

Edging its similarly named counterpart, Razorfen Downs was a place where players were able to get their hands on the Tusken Helm. This was a very sought after piece of kit, but it would require those who dared to obtain it to meander their way through a thorn-like area that would test even the bravest of players. 

This labyrinthine maze of thorns is also inhabited by Quilboar, which is a race of humanoids with boar-like traits. They prove to be a difficult and resilient race to deal with, which will make Razorfen Downs somewhere that you will look back on over time. 


We have talked so far about memorable areas of Classic WoW, and looking over the franchise in general, places like Stratholme and certainly high up on the list of areas that come to mind in this instance. Ransacked back in Warcraft III by Arthas, the city is now a dangerous place for you to visit, and is steeped in narrative for those who are interested in such things. 

Not only that, but it can also be considered to be one of the most difficult dungeons in WoW Classic. Tackling hordes of undead is something that will test your skills to a high end, so be wary before visiting such places. 

Sunken Temple

The Sunken Temple personally is a classic case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We have seen many instances in which we have witnessed revamps of games, or in this instance specific areas, where they have failed to capture the magic that made it special in the first place. 

Here you will find a temple housing trolls and dragons fitting to the Warcraft name. With a difficult design to contend with and a chance to obtain the Dragon’s Call, this place is somewhere that you will enjoy revisiting the classic rendition of. 


If lengthy and difficult quests are your bag, then you are bound to enjoy Scholomance. This is a place that has often been criticised by players for the sheer level of difficulty that it possesses. However, it could be argued that these traits are what make the place so special in the first place. 

However, those willing to traverse it are greeted by several different boss battles, as well as plentiful story to get stuck into in one of the most traditional experiences where dungeons are concerned that the game has to offer. 

Shadowfang Keep

This is one of the best dungeons you could possibly visit in Classic WoW. However, like the previous area on our list, it does come with a fair share of difficulty for you to endure, especially if you are a newcomer to the game. 

The challenge comes from hordes of enemies attacking you in narrow spaces. However, the rewards, again like other dungeons, is certainly worth your time. So you should most definitely explore this awesome dungeon filled with Worgens, but be aware of the dangers within. 

Scarlet Monastery

What makes the Scarlet Monastery so unique, and why it’s so easy to put it so high on this list, is that its made up of four different instances. Whilst the rewards for certain dungeons only appeal to certain different character classes, this place has something for everybody to an extent. You could also get the Whitemane’s Chapeau to represent one of the most popular areas in the entire game. 

The advantage of having four dungeons is that you can get more of a sense of progression throughout each instance, courtesy of the level scaling that is present. This is certainly an area that will live long in the memory, and arguably the most beneficial as well. 


This may be a controversial choice to put at the top over Scarlet Monastery, but it was personally one of the most atmospheric dungeons in the entire game. If you like all things swashbuckling, then the Deadmines is somewhere that you will love. There are a number of different encounters for you to enjoy, as buccaneers and pirates stand in your way of glory. 

It also managed to survive a rework better than other dungeons later down the line of future releases in the World of Warcraft series, but still you can’t beat the classic experience. 

Have you visited these dungeons? Let us know in the comments section below!


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