Ubisoft showcased new gameplay of expected Tom Clancy’s The Division on Twitch channel live, where they showed scenes of combat and the system generates different levels of play without loading screens, in passing the world open to a Team basic Deathmatch persistent.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – New gameplay video from E3 2015


During the presentation also mention to elements of MMORPG structure to accompany us in this ambitious universe as infected loot, what happens at death, and the use of weapons. The game is still seen quite well without much noticeable downgrade. Snowdrop runs on the engine, according to Ubisoft, has the global lighting technology, a thorough system of procedural destruction, and many live effects.

It seems that, for the moment, the final release date is for the March 8 next year, but there is always more room to slow down again.

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