Tom Clancy’s The Division closed beta starts on the January 29th, and today we got our hands on a new official trailer of three minutes, giving us a great tour of the excellent graphics and gameplay of the most anticipated open-world title of the Ubisoft Massive section.

To secure a place in the beta may have to pre-order the game or exceed the average in the Humble Bundle Weekly games Tom Clancy (now for only $9.81).

If you are not very eager to try it, you may register for free at this link and pray that you get a code before the beta comes to an end.

The Tom’s Clancy’s The Division was announced at E3 2013, after so many delays the final version of The Division will be launched in March 8, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

“It went up in stages, it started as a basic cordon, but ultimately became a full-blown quarantine zone. Eventually the pressure became too much – too many sick, not enough aid workers, the number of guards dwindled, things broke down, and civil unrest and lawlessness ran rampant. A blackout was the nail in the coffin that forced the military to abandon the area. They dropped everything they had and headed for the gates, most of them barely making it out at all. Left behind were not just the supplies, medicine and weapons, but also tens of thousands of sick, dying and dead.” Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist.

“The Dark Zone is one very large walled off area in midtown Manhattan that you seamlessly enter from the open world,” said Rundqvist. “It’s a dangerous and lawless place. The enemies and missions here encourage players to team up in order to up their chances of survival.” he further added.

The game is powered by Snowdrop engine and is an Open-World Action game featuring a devastated New York City. Stay tuned for more updates!

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