CEMU emulator continues to widen the graphic gap between console and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC version, thanks to the capabilities of the sensational emulator CEMU, and various mods that continue to improve the current flagship title of Nintendo.

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One of these mods is Clarity GFX, which adds and enhances several visual aspects of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, such as the sharpness of objects at a distance and the palette of colors in different scenarios. Those who are interested in installing it, can download it from this link. You will need the game updated to version 1.30 to avoid incompatibility problems.

Below you can see screenshots and a comparative video that puts face to face the version of Nintendo Switch against that of PC with several packs of mods. In turn, the channel BSOD Gaming published two other videos. One teaches us how to install the Ultra graphics pack, while the other compares performance with the new Windows 10 Fall Creator update, showing FPS enhancements.


  • Colors should pop and be more rich, vibrant. Shadows are more dark & pronounced. Objects in the distance should more crisp, clear, and less washed out. Color can be compared to the Switch’s 255 RGB scale.
  • This “Shader Filter” is best used with default / neutral Display presets. If you have custom settings on your display, this might not look great to you. Tweak your display a bit if you have to, but it’s recommended that you try changing the values in the bd8bb_ps.txt (Details near the Download Link at the bottom.)
  • If you’re using new graphic packs, HighResShadows was changed to High Shadows, so use High Shadows for quality, otherwise use Regular Shadows for better performance.