If you’re a diehard gamer, there’s probably nothing that you’d enjoy more than sitting in front of the TV and playing on your game console of choice for hours on end. After a few hours of gripping a console, you might get aching joystick thumbs or overworked trigger fingers. Luckily, there are more than enough games you can play from your smartphone when you want a break from your console controller. 

Jackbox Games

If you’ve never played a Jackbox game before, you’re missing out a lot of fun. Each one of the several packs that have now been released contains lots of mini-games that utilise your smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen. Whether it’s typing a punchline for a funny joke or drawing an amusing new logo for a made-up t-shirt brand, this game allows you to get creative by typing or drawing your answers on your small screen before judging your competitor’s efforts on the big screen. 

Whilst the game is mainly played on your phone, you will need to buy and download the game onto your games console or Stream account. The good news is that you can play online with your friends and only one of you needs to own the game. The rest can stream the game screen remotely on websites like Twitch. 

Mobile Gaming


Casino Games

If you’re looking for some fun games to play away from your console, downloading an app that will let you play casino games is a great place to start. Whatever style of game you like playing, there’s probably a casino game to suit your mood. If you like a game full of strategy and daring moves, then an adrenaline-fuelled card game like poker will be ideal for you. If you’re looking for a more simplistic game that requires very little effort but still produces high-level excitement, slot machines are a perfect way to fill your time. 

The great thing about casino games is the traditional, simplistic nature of the gameplay means it transfers perfectly onto the small screen. If you’re playing with providers like Unibet, you’ll find a wide range of games that can be played easily on your phone. The even better thing about casino games is that you win, you’ll win money, even if you’re playing on your mobile phone. 

Cross-platform games 

More and more games are now allowing you to play with your friends sat in their homes whilst you’re on a completely different device. Some games, like Rocket League, allow you to play your friends on a PS4 whilst you’re playing on an Xbox One or Stream. Some games will even let you play with friends who are playing on their consoles from the comfort of your mobile phone. The game Among Us has been one of the most downloaded games on the iPhone and Android of 2020. The game lets up to 10 people play the same game, hunting the murdering traitor amongst your crew, no matter what device they’re playing for. 

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