Compared to APU processors now Desktop-class of FX processor is really too short, AMD has not shown a love from last two years, no new architecture has been born. AMD FX processor architecture being careless in terms of technology upgrades. Recently released FX-9590 and called for the domestic market the FX-8300 processors are actually released something before (nothing good change if we see their predecessors.

Three New AMD FX Processors, others get a massive price cut

AMD FX 8370

In September AMD will be re-released three “new” FX processors, including two models of 95W  TDP, while also lowering the price of some FX processors, such as FX-9590, the price will be reduced from ‎US$299.99 , a decline of over 20%. Where as the FX-6300 will be priced from $135 to about $119.

The Big Boy from AMD FX-9590 processor TDP of up to 220W, power consumption and heat is also a problem, but after the price cuts may be AMD will see some advantages in terms of revenue, after price cuts it will be available at almost the same price of Core i5-4690K.

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