Nordic THQ today announced an agreement to purchase assets of NovaLogic Inc, including all games and projects belonging to the popular developer of simulators from 1990 to 2000. This means that THQ Nordic is back with the acquisition of partially forgotten classics IPs and this time it’s about military games in first person, as the innovative Delta Force, Comanche or Joint Ops. NovaLogic Games made enough noise in the market at the end of the 80s, until the beginning of 2000, with its strong focus on military simulators, such as the F-22 series, the Comanche and clear series, the Delta Force series.

THQ Nordic acquires all franchises of NovaLogic


“After 30 years of creating ground breaking Computer and Video Games we are proud to pass the baton to THQ Nordic. As individuals, they are enthusiastic gamers and as a company have shown the agility and acumen needed to propel our industry towards a much-needed reset”, comments John Garcia, owner, founder and CEO of NovaLogic Inc. “We are happy to see the franchises we created in such capable hands.”

“NovaLogic always pointed military simulations, and military multiplayer vehicular combat games with the adult audience. We are fully satisfied with the new additions to our portfolio, and also absolutely delighted to see how these franchises continue. We are open for talks on this issue if some developer wants to approach us with a concept for a sequel to any IP “. Reinhard Pollice, director of development and production in Nordic THQ.

Here is an extract of franchises and brands acquired:

  • Delta Force Series
  • Comanche Series
  • Joint Operations Series
  • Armored Fist Series
  • Tachyon: The Fringe
  • F-22 Series
  • F-16 Series
  • NovaLogic Trademark