CryTek has shown Neon Noir in action, its technological demo based on CryEngine graphics engine where all the scenes have been rendered in real time with an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, this would not be surprising without RayTracing technology in real time, so all the illumination and reflections are being rendered in real time.

This was possible thanks to a customized version of the CryEngine 5.5 graphics engine includes experimentally the RayTracing technology, and best of this graphics engine is that it knows no color, so the demo is fully compatible with both DirectX 12 and Vulkan API, that’s why the AMD GPU has access to technology. As expected, in the future Nvidia and AMD will receive exclusive optimizations to adapt the technology to each architecture and get the most out of each GPU.

For the rest, at the beginning of the demo of Neon Noir we are told that it could be executed with mid-range, modern GPUs from AMD and Nvidia and it takes us to a futuristic city where a police drone investigates a crime. Obviously, you will find lots of lighting during rain in night, which helps RayTracing technology to be the main protagonist of the demo.

Unfortunately, the company did not disclose details such as the resolution used or the rate of images per second of a demo video.

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