Being a hardcore gamer and especially GTA fan, you must have once wondered how exactly would Grand Theft Auto would look like in real life. Well, you are not alone! We all have had this thought once.

A big thanks to YouTube channel CorridorDigital who actually made a video named “Real GTA” and uploaded to his channel which went viral within few time, in real Los Angeles. The guy portrayed pretty much accurate gameplay of GTA in his short video. The video can be seen below:


This video sums up the famous action-adventure Grand Theft Auto V which was released back on September 17, 2013 for last gen consoles, then for PS4 and Xbox One November last year and later on for PC April, 2015 (after so many delays).

GoPro camera was used for recording the video where the character who portrayed GTA in this video, visited spots like Vespucci Beach (Venice Beach) and the Galileo Observatory (Griffith Observatory), was seen hitting a random guy and stealing cycle and cars, taking selfie, bucks of cash dropping after knocking foes and almost every GTA activity was shown in this amazing video.

Video Credits: CorridorDigital

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