Today we encounter another interesting mod for GTA 5 cheats ps3 which transforms the game in the Mario Kart 8, perfect for users who will enchant compete gta 5 cheats ps3 inside the vehicle. As you will see below, the results are spectacular, and we are quite sure that it will be a very popular gta 5 cheats mod. Unfortunately, everything is not perfect as mods is not featuring Power-Ups, but beyond that, we must recognize that very successful work.

This GTA 5 mod brings Mario Kart’s Map to Los Santos


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You can download the Yoshi Valley map from Mario Kart 8 accessing the following link (you need to have the FiveM mod installed), while you can download the map of Egypt at the following linkRay Koopa is responsible for this awesome work of Yoshi Valley map from Mario Kart 8, while MrVicho13 is responsible for his conversion, optimization and and fix errors in textures.

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