Do u see the Small Cube above? I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a video game. To be exact – it’s Mario. Of course, not like the one who hit Nintendo. The Slow Games console comes in the form of a small cube, with three variations based on classic games: Mario, Tetris, and Pong. Each game has its own input type. The little button on the top and the controller will do the job to move dots. Those white dots in front of your character are the game world.

This Gaming Console will allow you to make only one move per Day

Slow Games mario

This unique cube is the work of Isaac Bertram – a designer from New York. A player may make only one move during the day. The idea is to transform what is implicitly focused on speed and agility in a kind of contemplative experience.

I’m using Slow Games as a platform to experiment with low pace, long lasting gameplays, and explore game mechanics that keep players engaged throughout weeks of play with simple rule variations,” says Bertran.

Each block is equipped with a different corresponding type of game controller. Mario (as seen above) has a small button that, depending on the length of the hold, longer the hold longer the stroke. You can control blocks in Tetris by rotating the whole cube. The Pong choose the direction.

Without a doubt, this is not a game that you will complete in a single session. You have to spend some week in order to complete game and only if you manage to survive.

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