Pokie machines, having migrated from real casinos to virtual ones, have gained even more fans. It seems that people know everything about gambling and pokies, but there are many interesting facts that even the most devoted fans of gambling are unfamiliar with. If you want to check more interesting stuff in regard of online pokies, you can visit this website https://bgaoc.com/pokies.

Free online pokies

Today, everyone can test pokie machines for free (as well as other gambling games), so the number of visitors to online casinos has grown significantly. However, few people know that the opportunity to launch a demo mode appeared due to the fact that virtual gaming halls began to lose profits. With the advent of a huge amount of gaming software, it became difficult for fans of gambling games to navigate in the new products, so they out of habit searched for electronic versions of familiar devices in the casino. New developments did not bring profit to the gaming hall, and therefore the largest casino networks turned to companies that produce gaming software with a request to provide versions of the pokies which can be played for free. Today, free pokie machines can be found in almost every casino, because:

  • It is a confirmation of the loyalty of the gaming hall to its visitors;
  • It indicates the reliability of the gaming room;
  • It attracts new users.

Interesting facts from the history of pokie machines

In the history of pokie machines there are also many interesting facts. For example, many compatriots associate machines with the era of the 90s, when such entertainment literally flooded all the streets. It is noteworthy that many gambling people think that the first machines appeared in late 80s. In fact, the first pokie machine was created almost 130 years ago. A unique device was created specifically for one bar by Charles Fey. The machine brought the bar such popularity that it was soon stolen from there, and after a short time, similar devices began to appear in other places where people came to relax and have a drink or two. Many years passed before the pokie machines moved to the casino, and then into the virtual space, where they became free to play.

Many casino regulars prefer fruit-themed pokies, but few people know that such games arose as a result of the ban on gambling in America. Once the US government recognized pokie machines as dangerous, so the developers had to remake their machines into comic ones. Instead of money, these pokies gave gums and drinks as a reward for winning combination. Such combinations were formed by the symbols of various fruits. Then no one could have thought that these symbols would become one of the favorite symbols of casino visitors: today, “fruit” machines are the most demanded in online and real casino halls.