Daryl Sartain, AMD’s director of VR during an interview regarding the two APIs, Microsoft’s DirectX 12 and AMD’s Vulkan, said that, “they both serve a need and add value”.

“They Both Serve A Need And Add Value”, Says AMD on DirectX 12 and Vulkan

He said, “I view Mantle as something – because we did a lot of contribution to the features into DX12 –  that has been spun into DX12 in so many ways. But to your question on Vulkan versus DX12, without getting into all the religious aspect, what I said yesterday [on the VR Fest panel] is that I think that both serve a need and add value. Can you make an argument that one is better than the other? You can make an argument about anything. Just bring a lawyer into the room.”

Further more, he hinted that he isn’t concerned about preferring any one between DirectX 12 and Vulkan as both have their own features and values, though they are similar (more or less), but he said that he is more concerned about the independent software vendor (ISV) for the API, and its greatest utilization/benefit.

“But I do believe that, and what I most am concerned about is our ISVs, the ISV community, where they gain the greatest benefit. You know, there are some people developing on Linux, all different flavors of life – so it’s a difficult question as to which [API] should we be focused on, which one is better”.

According to AMD’s Sartain, need for Vulkan has to “come from the development community”.

“My opinion is that Windows as a platform, as an OS, is far better and far more evolved today than some of the previous generations, and that’s to be expected. DX12 and its integration into Windows is a great experience, is a great development environment, and has great compatibility. Does that mean that Vulkan doesn’t have a place? No. I think that answer really has to come from the development community, not from us.”

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Via: WCCFTech

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