Thermaltake announced a new top-of-the-range power supply, the Toughpower TF1 1550W Titanium – TT Premium Edition, which, as its name suggests, is an extremely high-end Premium model and only comes with a power of 1550W. So, it’s designed for crazy enthusiasts with Dual-GPU setups, extreme Overclockers, or of course, who are in mining business.

Its name also advances that it is 80 Plus Titanium certificated with an energy efficiency of up to 96 percent, it has a 100%  modular design, a 140 mm PWM fan with a Turbo button that makes it work at 2400 RPM for a maximum cooling, uses 100% Japanese capacitors, and includes a jumper in case we want to turn on the system for some test without turning on the motherboard.

The Thermaltake Toughpower TF1 1550W Titanium information will meet the demanding transient response standard with 12v <1%, 5v <3%, and 3.3v <5% to ensure constant output in response to load changes. On the other hand, the input current is controlled not to exceed 50 amps, which ensures that the components of the power supply do not suffer from the enormous power output.

We continue with a single + 12v line capable of supplying 129.16A (1549.92W), its quality is visible with the backing of a 10-year guarantee, and it is already available on sale for 329 euros.

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