Despite the high cost of Xbox Elite controller  (about $149), Microsoft had already announced unexpectedly high demand that has suffered the advanced controller to your console. Now the company has announced that due the limited stock, the controller is now out of stock until March, which has led to inflated prices between 150 and 219 dollars for few controllers available in the market.

The Xbox Elite controller is out of stock until March


“While the wireless controller Xbox Elite is already sold in many stores around the world are working quickly to get more units placed in the hands of the fans,” said a spokesman for Microsoft said in a statement to the press.

“We hope that each week more units arrive in stores, but the offer is limited until March 2016.”

Without doubt, the highlight of the Elite control is its flexibility, because the modular Gamepads and fully assignable buttons can be combined in any order to enhance gameplay regardless of the genre of the game, all without forgetting the extra buttons, levers, or the possibility of choosing a different texture joystick. If we add it to the command of the original Xbox One we have great reviews.

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