Last Friday, Netflix held a special event in Rome, where they revealed a lot of details about its series, revealing information related to the renovations of some of the greatest hits, and also details about some of the work that are still in production. We also find details on the series based on the fantastic world that is presented in the novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski, a series of books that later came to the video game industry and giving life to the popular and profitable world of The Witcher.

According to Lauren Schmidt Hissricht, who is responsible for the production of this new series by Netflix, and who was a scriptwriter for the well-known Daredevil series, revealed that the adaptation of The Witcher will consist of eight episodes in its first season, which will have a similar duration to the rest of the productions of the platform, approximately one hour .

According to the statements of the main screenwriter of this series, “at a creative level, having eight episodes is the right decision. This will allow all the chapters to be intense, full of action and rich in story and characters without slowing down in the middle of the season. “ At first, Lauren Schmidt believes that the series based on The Witcher will premiere on Netflix in 2020, since they see it very difficult to have it ready for before that year.

” We are moving very fast, my head is spinning at full speed in the purest style of the exorcist, but one thing I have clear: quality is above the speed.

The script needs to be polished, I have managed to finish the pilot episode, which will also be reviewed at the time of filming. The other seven episodes do not exist yet, except in my head . “Lauren Schmidt Hissricht commented on Twitter.

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