CD Projekt RED has announced the New Game Plus mode for the acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, by the end of the string of free DLCs that accompanied the title since the launch.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – New details on the New Game + Mode


Still, they are working on the new way and have no scheduled date for the upgrade, but the community manager of the studio, Marcin Momot, elaborated on some questions raised in their own forums.

For players who start the New Game Plus with a lower level 30 character, the game will automatically rise to 30, while those with a higher level, the game will freeze. Also, you can go back to choose the level of difficulty.

With respect to items, everything remains, except quest items, books, letters, consumer items and trophies. All such exclusions are normal for a game mode in this style, but many players will be disappointed to learn that their cherished letters Gwent also move to the new trip.

Finally, our characters will receive a Clearing Potion at the beginning of the game, allowing reallocate skill points.

If this is not enough for them to 150 hours of game that already offers the original experience. Only for fans.