CD Projekt still releasing information about the expected eyedropper The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and for this time we are not going to talk about the single screenshot but in this case, interest node is on a graphic option. Although it seems to be little, but for many players it is an important option. In the third installment of this epic trilogy, all fans will be able to turn on/off the chromatic aberration.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The PC version will feature toggle for chromatic aberration


The chromatic aberration is an effect of the light passing through a camera lens, that due to the curvature of the same decomposition sync is raised, which makes us see different spectra of light around lines and colors. After the bloom or motion blur you must see these effects and but it is also hated by most of the players. CD Projekt serving the community.

Below is the perfect example of this feature from YEBIS 2 APIof the Silicon Studio Corporation.

Produces color shifts caused by light passing through the optical system (lens).