In just a few weeks to launch one of the most anticipated games of recent years, and continue to receive information about several questions that the community does not stop having. That’s why CD Projekt approach their official forums to answer a bit and keep the flame of hype at its finest. The most important questions come-as expected-is the concern that the game has been lowered graphically.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Developers continue to defend accusations of a possible downgrade

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As a first step, developers clarified that the effect of freezing, which was at very low resolution in the trailers, has been replaced, and textures of the characters are sharper than ever.

The user MilezZ, a representative of CD Projekt, gave more information on the artists’ work environments, as adjusted on the definition of the brick wall to improve visually:

“Of course we have continued trying each element and polishing them, is one of the reasons that delayed the game – we consider it as important as a bug, say, a glitch in gameplay. I can not give a clear answer regarding the case of the bricks. They looked quite out of place so it is very likely to have been part of the task list from someone and have made it a priority, because what we saw, it was more evident than we thought. “

On the other hand, TheEvilChris also representative of the study, further clarified that the game was delayed for not being done, and not for some other reason:

“When we polish a game, correct bugs and problems for all three platforms, PC and consoles.”

Finally, MilezZ addressed explain a little more the situation of finishers. These executions may be totally disabled in the game options, so is a taste of each. And also clarified about the slow motion effect can be seen in the fighting on horseback:

“Actually, you can disable the ‘finishers’ in the game options.

With regard to the ‘Slow Motion Horse’ – the intention is not any ‘finisher’.On the horse, when I pressed the button mantenés fast attack, time slows down when you approach an enemy. This allows ALINES your attack a little better for a fraction of a second. That margin is relatively short, since it vanishes as soon as you approach the enemy too.

Consider this: the fight without slowing horse was not feeling well, since the movement of the horse is pretty fast. The high speed, when tested, it became even more problematic in fighting horse against horse, so the margin of slow (once again activated only when you have pressed button within a certain range of the enemy) helps with this. “

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes out next May 19, and that we will know whether they have changed. Hopefully this is the most impressive game that has squeezed the power of the Master Race (PC).

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