A while back PCGamesHardware shared a video of the comparison between the PC and the PS4 variants of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt RED contacted the German site, which uprooted the feature at CD Projekt RED’s appeal. CD Projekt RED’s ‘Marcin Momot’ uncovered the accompanying data, to call attention to the contrasts between the PC and PS4 versions.

As Marcin noticed, the contrasts between the PC and the PS4 adaptation will be:

  1. Draw distance
  2. Framerate
  3. Resolution

Selected highlights, for example, Hairworks

The Witcher 3 – PC Vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Right below you can see a PC Vs PS4 graphics comparison video. It covers everything that fans have been requesting and gives answers to most inquiries without ruining the experience. Enjoy the show!


As per NVIDIA’s aide, the PC version will likewise pack higher quality impacts and higher determination surfaces. Marcin additionally affirmed that the PC version will highlight more NPCs than the PS4 version of the game.

Marcin included that the feature was not illustrative of the PC form as it made the PC rendition look really awful, and stressed its not the last form.

“Regarding the comparison video, unfortunately we don’t know how this video was created and what PC settings have been used. It compared an early PC version with a PS4 debug build without the day 1 patch. So it’s quite an uncommon basic setting. Something went wrong here and therefore we spoke to the editorial team behind it – we both agreed something is not quite right and while we’re figuring out what mistake has been made, we have removed the video. We do admit it looked pretty wonky, hence its removal.”