CD Projekt has released what would be the third public patch though its version 1.03- of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s definitely not 600 changes patch which they promised yesterday, and has recently entered the certification stage.

The Witcher 3 – Patch 1.03 brings Graphical and Performance Improvements 

The Witcher 3 New Build VS Old 2013 Build - New Build Is Amazingly Gorgeous

According to the list of updates, the patch improves the performance of NVIDIA Hairworks, improves response when using keyboard input, extends the options of post-process, sharpness Off / Normal / High, and power samples on anisotropic filter at Ultra 16x preset.

The patch is available through GOG and Steam versions.

Change list:

  • Improves stability in gameplay and UI.
  • Improves performance, especially in cinematics and gameplay scenes.
  • Corrects the sudden appearance of grass and vegetation that may occur after a change in the parameters of density.
  • Improves performance of Nvidia Hairworks. 
  • Samples enhanced anisotropic filtering 16x in the Ultra preset.
  • Post-processing configurations extended sharpness of Off / On to Off / Normal / High
  • Improvements in managing menu.
  • Improved response when using keyboard input.
  • Fixed a problem with regeneration of stamina while running.
  • Fixes an issue blocking cursor happens at times, to move the map.
  • General improvements in the focus of the world map.
  • Fixes a bug where the player could shoot rays to a friend NPC.
  • Fixes an issue with dialog selection.
  • Corrects some UI lost in translations.
  • Small improvements effects – blood particles and appear correctly when killing enemies in the water.
  • Rostan Muggs again.
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