CD Projekt Red studio folks are being proactive in regards to the substance and highlights that should to be there in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt when the game dispatches in couple of hours from now.


They have evidently discharged patch 1.02 for the game as of now!

This comes after the first upgrade that was discharged around four days back; titled patch 1.01, the last one rolled out improvements to the gameplay and the missions nearby, bringing “DLC support,” other execution upgrades and fixes to some dependability issues.

Presently, CD Projekt Red has discharged another patch. Notwithstanding being 483 MB in size (as indicated by Reddit), the changelog of the patch has been as short as just a five worded sentence that peruses:

Cross country support for DLCs.

Since this is the main patch note gave by the developers, we don’t comprehend what is the 483 MB download size taking.

Nonetheless, this likely implies that if a man has purchased the US form of the game and tries to play it on an European Union record, his game won’t be thwarted by downloadable substance that is bolted for the district where the first diversion was purchased.

On the off chance that you are still befuddled in regards to the definite time when The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt opens, go to thoroughly understand it.

That being said, be advised that we have discovered this story on the Reddit thread specified above and in all trustworthiness this could be somebody trolling with the clients. As should be obvious in the picture gave, there is no real way to make certain that the screenshot is truly identified with the game in question.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt opens in 10 hours from now.