The New Game Plus DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finally released today by the CD Projekt RED for the Xbox One. The DLC is yet to be released for the PS4 and PC. But it seems that the update for PC and PS4 version will be available very soon.

A press release from Spike Chunsoft (publisher of the game in Japan) stated that the New Game Plus DLC would release for the PS4 today in Japan, but he didn’t mentioned about other regions.

The new DLC is free on all the platforms as it was promised by the CD Projekt RED. Check out the notes of this DLC below:

  • Equipment in inventory (weapons, armor including Witcher Gear)? – YES
  • Items in Stash? – Unknown but we assume the more general rules that apply to inventory also apply to stash.
  • Crafted alchemy items – YES
  • Consumables (food, drink) – NO
  • Alchemy crafting components in inventory – YES
  • Recipes/Schematics you have already found – YES
  • Book and letters – NO
  • Monster Trophies – NO
  • Quest Items – NO (these are things like Kiera’s Lamp)
  • Money – YES
  • Gwent Cards – NO

Source: NeoGaf