The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt was exposed in 2013 , back then when CD Projekt RED had merely dev kits for the new-gen video game consoles . Whatever they showcased blew everybody away at that time , with its realistic yet pessimistic ambiance and superior fidelity graphics . It might are usually that CD Projekt were overestimating the brand new gaming systems or it may have already been a case of endeavouring to disclose their game at its best quality , running on a high-quality PC system .

Since that time a handful of adjustments have been made on the graphics of The Witcher 3 , and also obviously certain downgrading occurred in order to satisfy the weaker video game consoles . The current consequence as observed in the hottest build , in the hottest gameplay trailer of The Witcher 3 appears enormously gorgeous , radiant and bright colored . Thus far , aside from the first expose of the video game way back in 2013 , we mainly been witnessing video footage taken from the console variations of the game , with some extremely stunning PC screenshots being made public in the course of that time .

The Witcher 3 , since is appears unbelievably stunning , which begs the query , so how exactly does it fare when compared with whatever CD Projekt RED in the beginning showcased ? It doesn’t peek essentially worse , it appears far more vibrant and more radiant something which fits the middle ages fantasy genre perfectly . The old build, however, gazed more lucid and more realistic , probably a result of having some higher resolution textures or perhaps the video game getting rendered in a greater image resolution .

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Here are 2 galleries of screenshots displaying the latest build along with the preliminary 2013 build .

2013 Build:



Hottest Build: 


Source: Gaming Bolt

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