The weather is still hot regarding the controversial reduction of graphics quality in the spectacular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Well the still game looks great, especially in 4K with all the best – the differences that blessed trailer the VGX remains substantial. Today a NeoGAF forum member has posted several images of Witcher 3 comparing the final version of PC with that displayed in the VGX Trailer in December 2013.

Particle system, fire, smoke, lighting and even the model of the King of the Wild Hunt, all points and parts of the game are indicating the downgrade that CD Projekt refuses to recognize. Yet Witcher 3 is the RPG with far better graphics.

Previously, Robert Purchese – redactor senior staff took care of Eurogamer- stating that there is a patch with 600 changes underway, including graphical enhancements and graphics options that certification has entered today becoming players within one week, next to where all the update Changelog is detailed. In addition, the patch itself will also allow users to configure the “.ini” files for modders to work with every little detail configurable graphics engine.

This is a pretty major downgrade, more so than other games which have had more backlash, but the final game still looks amazing so it’s not so bad.

The Witcher 3 – Graphics Comparison between the Final version of PC and VGX Trailer

The Witcher 3 PC Max Settings, Final Build
The Witcher 3 VGX Trailer
The Witcher 3 PC Max Settings, Final Build
The Witcher 3 VGX Trailer
The Witcher 3 PC Max Settings, Final Build
The Witcher 3 VGX Trailer
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