Second and final expansion pack for the last year’s The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine might get released after two month from now, on June 7th.

A good moment for The Witcher 3 fans as the most amazing and anticipated DLC is almost here. According to a famous Polish retailer GRYOnline, the long awaited DLC will be out after two month, on 7 June, 2016. The developing studio CD Projekt RED teased this expansion pack last year with the first DLC named as Hearts of Stone, which was released in October last year.

blood and wine

Just a few weeks ago, the website of the same retailer indicated that the DLC may be released by April 26th, but the information was soon removed or maybe got updated and as of now, it mentions the release date of June.

Anyhow, the studio CD Projekt RED should be working on this final DLC and might update all of us very soon regarding the release date. Up till now, they have said that the DLC will add 20 hours of gameplay in the region of Toussaint, a land with a care free atmosphere after the war.

Interestingly, Tuesday falls on June 7th, the famous day known for most of the video game release in the U.S and it also fits in the time frame revealed by development Studio, which stated, ‘first half of 2016’.

Source: GRYOnline

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