If you think the war between mobile games and console games has ended then you’re at fault. With the advent of the new software, apps, consoles, and games the statistics shift in between the two has been large. Moreover, given the diverse options of background color schemes , music, the 3D graphic designing and video motion graphics, the demand for video games has increased in the last decade. Therefore, this diversified gaming options under the umbrella of game development at a video game studio has made games more attractive and difficult to choose between. Making the ride of selecting one among the two a bumpy one.

 In this article, we are going to throw light on the distinct features of mobile games vs console games. Letting you analyze and find the winner among the two.

Varied Genre Options For Both

Since the development of the first console game i.e. Super Mario bros, the world of console gaming has been revolutionized. It has introduced games of various genres, among which the most popular ones are action, sport, and Battle Royale. For instance, the highest-grossing console game GTA is an action game. Moreover, the example for Battle Royale includes PUBG and Fortnite.

Fortnite Free-to-Play

Talking about the mobile games that started with the development of games like snake and bounce , gained a popularity boost after the introduction of the smartphone. The genre for these games includes arcade, Battle Royale, and hyper-casual games. The most popular examples of which include Fruit Ninja and Doodle Jump that come in the arcade genre. While, Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile games are some of the Battle Royale genre games. Indeed, both presents a diverse genre of games.

Console Games Win in The Graphics And Depth 

Graphics are important for a better experience for the gamer. Initially, console games were able to create 2D graphic effects. However, today it has revolutionized a lot. Today console games can provide a 1080 pixel resolution with 3D graphic effects. Therefore, giving gamers a real-life experience with amazing stories creating depth in these games.

Mobile games on the other hand are devoid of such high-resolution effects as it is not feasible to provide the heavy architecture for high-end games on a smartphone set. Giving console games an edge over mobile games in this regard. 

Controls Given By The Two

Console games are played by specially designed controllers. These controllers include a joystick and buttons in different positions. Letting you control the game characters with the specially assigned buttons for a particular action.

In mobile games, virtual buttons on the touch screen of the smartphone are the controllers of the game. However, in mobile phones, it is essential to take care of the mechanics of the game .i.e making sure that the controlling buttons do not interfere with the display of the game. Making it imperative for the game developer to ensure that the game mechanic does not disturb the performance of the game.

Consoles Come With Better Promotion Tactics

The marketing strategy for the launch of a new game is diverse. For console games, companies spend a heavy amount to advertise their games. Mostly done by releasing the trailer a year before the launch of the video games. 

On the other hand, the promotion and advertisement of mobile games are done on a small scale. Mostly done by sponsoring ads on social media apps. This is because the game developers are either working independently or are small businesses. Therefore, promoting their mobile games on a smaller level. 

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