AMD’s Global Technical Marketing Head, Robert Hallock shared some good news for the AMD owners on the Reddit, while replying one of the member on a thread of DX 12 performance controversy. No doubt that the AMD’s GCN architecture was a bit down if compared with NVIDIA’s Maxwell and recent past ones in DirectX 11. But, the fact is now established that GCN architecture based graphics card gives more performance in the new DirectX 12 as compared with Nvidia’s Maxwell based graphics cards.

As per the statement of AMD’s R. Hallock, Chief of Global Technical Marketing, the majority of the upcoming DirectX 12 based games of 2015 and 2016 ‘are partnering with AMD’. He said,

“You will find that the vast majority of DX12 titles in 2015/2016 are partnering with AMD. Mantle taught the development world how to work with a low-level API, the consoles use AMD and low-level APIs, and now those seeds are bearing fruit.”

Seems that the Nvidia was too focused while working on DirectX 11 that it forgot to work for the new DirectX 12, and that why AMD is taking lead (currently). We’ll see how Nvidia strikes back as we have heard that Nvidia is working ‘Actively’ for Async Compute along with Oxide Games.

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