Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for The Technomancer, the new open-world RPG from Spiders Studios (Mars: War Logs, Bound by Flame), set in a post-apocalyptic scenario that puts us in the midst of conflict called War of Water.

The Technomancer – New Trailer ‘Life and Death on Mars’

Although the surface of Mars is complemented barren and devoid of life, hundreds of years of human civilization have led to the creation and evolution of many hybrid species created on the basis of genetic compositions found on planet earth. At first military exercises to create an ecosystem capable of supporting the Pilgrims, not long until the control thereof, followed by the cataclysm that wiped out most of the settlers was lost, therefore isolating the planets Mars and Earth. The accelerated evolution and mutations forged the lives of these creatures threatening beasts, scattered along the Red Planet.

The gameplay will be targeted to that we have already seen in other franchises, with four skill trees and three different fighting styles. It will also present talks with dynamic dialogues that will alter the development of the quests.

The game is set on Mars like its predecessor, Mars: War Logs– but has more fantastic elements and a more targeted cyberpunk style.

The Technomancer has an estimated in early 2016 on PC and next-Gen consoles.

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