Spiders Studios released new images of its new post-apocalyptic RPG cyberpunk that will be presented during the E3 2015 between 16 and June 18. Acclimating on Mars, the game puts us in the shoes of an aspiring Technomancer who will face a number of questions, while their future is threatened by secrets from his past.

The screenshots show the Technomancer, and his companions coming to Noctis, one of the last strongholds of civilization on Mars. Noctis is one of the many areas we can explore during our adventure. It is a “free city” that was isolated from the “Water War” and is opposed to big companies such as Aurora and Abundance. Noctis field is still great danger: robbers, looters and some of the most dangerous creatures that will put our warrior skills into practice.

The post-apocalyptic themed places us in the midst of a conflict called Water War, where a Technomancer must pass through at a time constant challenges to be resolved issues from his past. The gameplay will be pointed to that seen in the other franchises, with four skill trees and three different fighting styles. It will also present talks with dynamic dialogues that will alter the developments of the quests.

The rest is what you can expect from an RPG like this: Crafting, factions of different levels and dystopian cities, all coated with the red dust of Mars.

The Technomancer will be released in 2016 for PlayStation 4, XboxOne and PC.



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