Deck 13 studio, creators of the Fallen Lords have released a new trailer for its new science fiction RPG entitled The Surge.

The Surge: E3 2016Trailer

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Set in the last moments of life on our planet, The Surge offers a dark vision of our future. The poor situation of the population, technology and artificial intelligence have advanced greatly over the years, causing many works of humans are replaced, forcing citizens to live in poverty, looking for any work, aided by exoskeletons to improve efficiency.

The Surge has innovative combat mechanics, supplemented by a system of progression unique combat, based on modular upgrades that can be purchased through its narrow and visceral combat. Our hero is equipped with an exoskeleton that serves as the basis to upgrade your equipment. When you fight against enemies, you can target the different limbs of the bodies of your enemies, in order to retrieve specific pieces of armor, weapons or equipment you want to add to your own exoskeleton.

The Surge will present modern combat mechanics and a system of unique character progression, based on modular improvements to win on the battlefield.

Of course, the best parts will often be the most difficult to obtain, and generally will be equipped by the most dangerous enemies. Even the most common enemies can be deadly as the game features stunning bosses that will really test your wits, guts and reflections.

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