Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 announce the title in their Action RPG portfolio, along with its logo and new art.

The Surge – New Game From The Creators of Lords of the Fallen; Conceptual images


The venture will be called The Surge and placed us in a dystopian future, during the last moments of life on our planet, where crowded survivors must fight the saturated social programs for diseases and aging.

Added to the poor situation of the population, technology and artificial intelligence have advanced greatly over the years, causing many works of humans are replaced, forcing citizens to live in poverty, looking for any work, aided by exoskeletons to improve their efficiency.

The Surge will present modern combat mechanics and a system of unique character progression, based on modular improvements to win on the battlefield.

No further details on this interesting title from the creators of Lords of the Fallen, dated scheduled for 2017 yet.