After the overheating problem of the Snapdragon 810 became viral, lots of industry folks have decided that not to buy any of the SoC equipped terminal and go to the competition side (MediaTek, Samsung or HISILICON) or wait for Snapdragon 810 his successor. Now everyone is looking towards new Chip and suddenly the “tech secret agent”Ricciolo claimed that nothing has changed with the arrival of 820 Snapdragon  “in terms of heat problems, the successor to the Snapdragon 810 is not so different, you’ll have to wait for the Snapdragon 830 (third quarter 2016) for partially solved the problem. “

The Snapdragon 820 Also suffers From Overheating Problems


Ricciolo has not posted any evidence to support his arguments, and at the moment he is the first comment that suggests that Snapdragon 820 also suffers from overheat, so we’ll have to wait for time to pass to finish confirm or deny the report. Remember that 820 Snapdragon will come with quad-core 3.00 GHz @ Kryo end of the year, with the Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus the first smartphone to integrate it.