Did you know that the most popular game at an online casino is the slot machines? It is easy to see why: they are bright and colourful and do not require a tremendous amount of brain power but are really entertaining. There is no effort or strategy involved; it is simply the spin of a wheel, yet you can actually win quite significant amounts of money. If you are new to the world of online casinos and really want to check out slots or you are a more experienced player but just want to make sure you’ve covered everything why not check out our slots survival guide to see what you need to know.

Slots 101

Back in the days of bricks and mortar casinos, or if you head out to Vegas, the slot machines were formerly known as a one-armed bandit because of the lever on the side that you pull to trigger the wheel. However, these days technology has moved on, and generally, now it tends to be a series of buttons to press. Because they are basically random number sequence generators, it is easy to replicate these games online. In fact, the graphics and interface can be even more intricate and appealing than the traditional box games. You play against yourself, so there are no opponents to worry about. However, some slot machines do offer an accumulator bonus which means you do get the benefit of other players adding money to the pot.

To appeal to as wide a range of audience as possible, there are themed slot machines on everything imaginable from sports, films, animals, music and more. Generally, most people will win bits and pieces, so they feel compelled to keep playing because it’s enjoyable and they’re getting something back. There is nothing you can do to change the odds of winning. It is simply a game of chance, but it is a fun one. Online casinos will also help by offering free spins and other promotions at various times to reward loyal players.

Survival Tips

Limit Yourself

If you remember, when there was a single fruit machine in a pub, people used to watch him become convinced that it would pay-out when people put in loads of money. That is a false theory and does not work, just because you pump in more and more money does not mean you will necessarily win. Of course, you might win along the way, and many people do get some significant cash prizes, but it is not a given, and it is a game of chance. To avoid getting caught up in the ‘I’ll just bet another x amount’ scenario, it is better to set yourself a daily or weekly limit and stop when you have run out of money. You also need to make a commitment in your head about any winnings. Will you add them to the pot and allow yourself to gamble with them or will you remove 50% and keep it so that you’ve made something of a profit? By sorting these details out in advance, you stand a better chance of being able to stick to your own rules and not let things get out of hand.

The Basics

If you like to enjoy the sense of winning, you will not want slot machines that have larger infrequent pay-out wins, so you’re probably better using small amounts where there are no massive cash to be won. But you will potentially win the odd two or three pounds here and there which for some people is the buzz and the reason they play. As mentioned, Progressive jackpots are a series of games all linked together by the software house, and at some point, one lucky winner gets the whole pot. So, as well as the regular play where individual players win or lose there is the progressive slot running in the background where a portion of everybody’s bet goes into the pot, and at some point, it is won. This does tend to be where the life-changing money is found, but it is also infrequent, and people can play for years and years and never actually win the progressive slot.

New Player Sign Up

As a new player, you will probably find when you sign up to a casino that you are offered some reward. In many cases, this can be free spins for some of the most popular slot machines. This gives you a chance to look at each game and see if it might be something you like. It’s always good to go on a few different slot machine styles until you find something that best suits your playing ideal’s. Most slot machines are either 3, 5 or seven real options, and again you will find subtle differences in how each of these games works. Nearly all slot machines have bonuses and other rewards on offer that can be triggered on a spin, so it’s all about finding what works best for you. 

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