Bigben and Frogwares Interactive announced The Sinking City at E3 2018. The game will be launched on March 21, 2019. To celebrate this announcement, they also released new screenshots and the trailer for E3 2018.

The Sinking City is an action and research game with an open world centered on the universe of Lovecraft. The player will take on the role of private investigator Charles Reed who is trapped on Oakmont Massachusetts in the 1920s, a city suffering from unprecedented floods of a supernatural origin. The player must discover the source of what took possession of the city, and the minds of its inhabitants.

In the game you need to constantly monitor the mental health of the character, so that he does not go insane, and this is what terrible monsters are trying to achieve. It will go on sale on March 21, 2019 on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.