The latest industry rumors reveal that Crytek would be developing Ryse 2, the sequel to the acclaimed Ryse: Son of Rome released in 2013 that attracted noticeable attention due to the great graphic quality it offered even when played on an old Xbox One.

This information comes through the Xbox insider ‘Shpeshal Ed‘, where he indicates that rumors began to make some noise in November 2020 after the leak of numerous Crytek documents, and that his sources recently indicated that the launch of this game is real.

Ryse: Son of Rome Gameplay Screenshots at 4k

“I had a reason to believe that this person’s information was legitimate because it showed me certain things that made me believe that I was at the right level to have access to that information, so of course what excited me the most was the fact that a new Ryse is in development, “said the insider during a podcast.

“So this person told me: ‘yes, there is a new Ryse in development.’ I cannot give you dates and I cannot give details of the things that are happening, only that there is a Ryse in development, and as I said, I have been given photos of things that lead me to believe this person’s information is legitimate. “

“The interesting part about Ryse is that at least at the time this was happening and I know what I’m saying now doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was a cross-platform game and not Xbox exclusive . So if this Ryse game is in development it seems that it can be a multiplatform “.

If the game is indeed in development, perhaps it’s possible we’ll see more of it at the upcoming E3 show.

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