The Oculus Rift will be launched on 28 March and will follow the launch of HTC Vive on 5th April, but there is another “competitor” in this race and for now we have very limited information about it, we are talking about Sony and its PlayStation VR, which is why we say “competitor “as it aimed to be used in a PlayStation 4, not on a PC. Sony has not disclosed the release date, but it is expected that they will announce it during the Game Developers Conference.

The PlayStation VR generates 120FPS, “no jittering at all”

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The oddest thing of all were the words of the developer Alfonso del Cerro, the founder of Pentadimensional Games. In an interview he said that:

 “I think PSVR will ship millions… Here in Spain I know a lot more people who own a PlayStation 4 than a high-end PC ready for VR. Technically, what surprised me the most was the reprojection feature. It generates 120 frames per second, taking into account the movement of the head, even when the game fails to achieve 60 frames per second. Which means that there is no jittering at all. You can play Megaton Rainfall for 1 hour and won’t see any frame out of sync. I can’t say the same for the VR experiences on my PC. Megaton Rainfall will work at 60 fps in PSVR (120 with reprojection)“.

Megaton Rainfall will be one of the very first games on the PlayStation VR, with del Cerro explaning:

Sony showed a lot of interest in our game since they played it at GDC 2015. They were looking for projects por PSVR and I was showcasing MR at the Indie Megabooth“.


Price of this VR headset is one of the major concern as of now, due to the reason that two major competitors, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive revealed the official prices of Windows PC VR with the recommended system requirements. Oculus Rift’s headset is priced at $599 and HTC Vive’s at $799, both are set for launch in the month of March and early April respectively.

Update: PlayStation VR headset “is not for use by children under age 12.”

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