Many documents which gives us the proof, Deus Ex 3 original plot that never happened. The Dolph Briscoe Center of American History, an archive at the University of Texas, which contains a huge collection of video game documents and memorabilia. The story of this were set before Deus Ex: Invisible war and none of them become Deus Ex: Human revolution. Sadly, these projects were abandoned after the closing of Ion Strom Austin.

The original plot for Deus Ex 3 that never happened

The original plot for Deus Ex 3 that never happened

The first plot tells us about an augmented Black Ops soldier, who works for a company, but when he discovered that the company had been lying to him, he then instead chooses to pursue them and put an end to them, but he was then forced to come back in a final mission because the life of his wife is threatened by the very same company that has been using him.

The second plot which is set immediately after Deus Ex focuses on the destruction of all global communications which caused a chaos in the world. The player has to investigate the cause of the destruction and save his sister from a clut.

Later the creator Warren Spector also confirmed that yes indeed the documents were real, and he was also happy that they instead made Deus Ex: Human revolution. “There were lots of ideas floating around for further sequels and side projects set in the Deus Ex universe,” he said. “They all went away when Ion Storm Austin shuts down. I’m just happy Square/Eidos brought the franchise back to life years later. It’s fun going back to that world as a player instead of as someone who already knows all the secrets!”

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