The Order 1886, an upcoming action-adventure video game which is often defined as “filmic” both by the developers and the gamers. Most of the people are criticizing the game using this word for the declaration of non-interactivity, comparing it with Dragon’s Lair but I guess it’s all cleared up now.

Ready at Dawn Chief Technology Officer Andrea Pessino (via Twitter) tweeted that the word “filmic” has no linkage with non-interactivity:

“filmic” is meant to describe the visual style, not the gameplay. Perhaps we should have just made up a word… : D

We’ve seen darkness and unpleasant corridors so far in the gameplay, but The Order 1886 has some dramatic places, colorful environments and is vast. These are actually the surprises which Ready at Dawn will unveil in the near future and is also confirmed by Pessino.

The footage which we saw at E3 was ran physically on PlayStation 4 without any modifications and it’s how the actual game looks like. This has been confirmed via the official Twitter account of The Order 1886.

Let’s wait and see what happens next because the journey is a bit long (February 20th).

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