The Spanish journalist Andrés Javi, during the presentation at an event of the European about The Last of Us Remastered relieved some New Details for PS4, Andres has also collected some information about the previous release of The Last Of Us which was  released last year on PlayStation 3. During the event he presented all the improvements which has been made ​​for players in the transition from the old to the New Generation Console. Those improvements are listed below:

The Last of Us Remastered Improvements 

  • 1080p/60 in Single-Player and Multiplayer
  • Texture maps are more 4x more detailed, Shadow Map 2x
  • Higher resolution particle effects
  • Occlusion mapping on decals
  • No Texture streaming
  • Longer draw distance, better LOD

Not Only Technical Improvements

  • Expand audio menu options
  • Look Frame rate at 30 frames per second
  • Swap trigger and thumbstick controls
  • Dual Shock 4
    Touch Pad
    light bar

What’s Included?

  • All major add-on content
    Abandon territories MP
    reclaimed territories MP
    Left Behind SP expansion
  • Grounded Difficulty
  • All Add-on content is “Cross-Buy” between PS4 and PS3
  • Additional Add-On releases plans for 2014

Also during this event, according to reports from this tweet of journalist , it was announced that the game has reached 7 million copies worldwide. Before you leave a few shots from this news dedicated to  The Last of Us Remastered , we remind you that the game will be available from July 30th exclusively on PlayStation 4 .