During a recent interview with GameRant,  Troy Baker, an actor who plays the role as Joel in The Last of Us, spoke about the possibility of seeing the second chapter of this series. The actor, during his conversation with the well-known portal revealed that:

“First of all, if they do need to have a strong story to tell and I believe in that. And I think that, especially from the point of view of a developer is really expensive realization a word and build assets. So, when stating that it would be foolish not to explore the possibility of a sequel, it is as if they are conscious of having already of the base material and reuse. 
But the thing I think is that they now want to commit to something new and that it can test their skills.Then in both cases are simply excited. “

Recall, finally, The Last of Our Remastered for PS4 is expected to be released on 30 July.