Finally, designer of The Last Guardian speaks up following the questions regarding the upcoming PlayStation exclusive game, The Last Guardian during the recent interview. The creator Fumito Ueda thinks that even if they had released the game on the PS3, he would have been comfortable with it. It was first planned that the game would be released for PS3.

“This is all imagination at this point, assuming that all of the game architecture and all of the game design was suited to deliver the experience I envisioned, given those assumptions I think it would have been a good product.”

Just in case that comment was misleading in any way, technical limitations probably only existed up to the PS2 generation. From PS3 and PS4, especially considering the delivery of expression, motion, etc. – from those elements, it’s a matter of how the game is designed, but it’s not technical limitations at that point. The PS3 was not restricting me from doing something.

Designer Fumito Ueda was asked this question as earlier, few reports were surfacing over the Internet that The Last Guardian for PlayStation 3 is delaying the game and if released for PS3, it will be “compromised”.

The game will be released in 2016, after too many delays. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: PlaystationLifeStyle

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